Manufacturer of technical fabrics, we have developed over the years, a wide range of products in line with specifics needs of our customers
Designer of innovative solutions, we are working in partnership with our customers. So we develop and manufacture products in full conformity with their expectations.
Thanks to the how know of our team and the versatility of our production tools, we are able to purpose a wide range of products with lot of structures: Interlock, mesh, stretch….

According the technical characteristics which are sought for the application, we can make these products with different yarns
- Synthetics and naturals fabrics ( Polyamide, Polyester, Polyester HT, Cotton…)
- Aramid ( Nomex®, Kermel®…)
- Flame retardant fibers ( Polyester Trevira®, Modacrylique…)
-- Polyethylene
- Polyurethane
- Inox
- …

Our products are specifically developed to meet the demands of coating, medical, acoustics, childcare, furnishing, event, industries, law enforcement, military….
Suppliers of the most demanding technical markets, our manufacturing process allows us to ensure the highest quality at the right price. Thus, we strive to meet the specifications as accurately your specifications and tenders.